Arretine Red Slip Ware

 Aretino Slip Ware (ASW) or African Res Slip-ware (ARS) were two highly refined, and highly similar, styles of pottery in the late Roman ceramics traditions. Deriving their name from the Terra Sigillatta applied to the surface this ware represented a high point in Italian ceramics that would only return after the introduction of Hispano Moresque ware some time later. Ranging from Iberia to the edge of the Byzantine Empire the trade of this fine ware was a roman ambassador to many cultures. Made with sprig molds or thrown inside of a mold on the potter’s wheel this ware was the closest approach to a glaze until the use of tin/lead glazes by the potters of Islam and Persia. As seen in the example pictured, the slip approaches a glossy surface and the fine grained nature of the sigillatta made this ware excellent for the drinking vessels of the Roman elite.