Eroded Stone

 These Pieces, as a grouping are much more than the sum of their parts. As stand-alone works they hold a limited power of engagement, a thrown and altered piece is merely that. When grouped the pieces yield a landscape that is at once both intriguing intellectually and inviting to the imagination. Projecting oneself onto the work as a miniature climber one can trace the route of visual discovery through differing paths to the basins of satin color amidst the rough, dry surfaces of the vessels. The play of light and shadow across both the altered forms and individual strata is highlighted by the directionally applied glazes and serve to create a luminosity of the pieces reminiscent of the play of light across similar forms in nature, changing with the westering sun. This grouping derives much from primary research with respect both to the forms themselves and also the process of glazing; every piece being fired a minimum of 3 times. Designed with a cone 10 soda fire in mind the transition to the low temperature range remained a proving ground as well. Advice and research can only get one so far; after a certain point, without time to test there is a moment of an educated guess and just a pinch of reckless abandon.