Richard DeVore: Firm Foundation In A False Bottom.


          The work of Richard DeVore (1933-2006) examines the conversation between surface and form in a remarkably elegant manner. The pieces are of simple composition however this is part of their magic; the body of work hosts such unending variety amongst slightly differing forms. Beginning with an almost hemispherical bowl form in the pictured piece, a series of false bottoms invite the viewer to peer ever deeper through their inky depths. This naturally draws the eye and the viewer closer to the piece where one begins to notice the subtle effects of the glazes. A gentle mottling around the pass-through in the false bottom is reminiscent of an eye and indeed is worthy of long, introspective gazes. The very simplicity of composition makes the piece all the more readily accessible for long pondering without weariness. The work is truly a calm, dark, cool, place of rest and reflection amidst the tempest of contemporary distractions.