Defining Meditation

The meaning of meditation to an individual can vary almost as much as the methods of practice. This piece invites the observer into a discourse with itself and rewards time spent pondering its subtle curves and coloration. The softness of line and transitions between forms allow the eye to move un-hindered across its surface tracing its flow. Like water unto a stone the eye cascades from a pitted and textural crown down through the hollow of earthy greens and browns on to richly carved textures juxtaposed with stony smooth surfaces at the feet. The arched form serves as a visual bridge carrying the viewer along its form freeing them from the trouble and turmoil of our modern society and invites a sojourner to travel with it through a visual landscape that is contemplative and at peace. Referencing geologic time and its passage the viewer is invited to spend some of their most precious commodity observing the work and observing themselves. Meditation in the quiet, introspection in the stillness, and reflection when at peace are too rare; and yet offered to any and all through this work.