The Tracks We Leave

When making work meant to catalyze a meditative state in the viewer through processes that are repetitive and meditative in and of themselves, memory is often my companion for hours at a time. Consisting mainly of autobiographical, narrative memory my thoughts range through the breadth of my personal history unhindered. Because the physical body is occupied with a task requiring little thought my mind wanders and I often arrive at moments in my life that I had forgotten, and occasionally I wish those memories had stayed forgotten… thus, the title of this piece. The accompanying image is my own footprint from a walk on the beach several years ago with my father. The sand and ocean spray driven by the wind scoured beach and exposed this mark of my passing several hours after the event on the return trip.  Similarly to the compacted sand bearing evidence to my passage the autobiographical memory of others bears witness to my existence as well. This truth is worthy of pondering indeed for we must consider the impact we have on the lives of others and how our touch on their lives is recorded. In a way, I am an artist of memory creating objects that occupy the consciousness of the viewer with subtlety allowing the subconscious to explore as well. It is the duty of an artist to keep in mind the impacts he or she is having on the lives of others and be sure that there is no need to “forget” the negative memories associated with their passing.