Lu PinChang: Commentary in Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture

Raised in the countryside after his family was expelled from the city during the Cultural Revolution Lu draws much of his content from Chinese folk tales and incorporates aspects of folk art into his sculptures. Currently the Head of ceramics at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing Lu’s work has seen many variations throughout his life now returning to his heritage for inspiration after much time sculpting in a “more Western style”. In his “Fu” series he explores the meaning of “fat” and “happy” (the Chinese meaning of “Fu”) in a collection of abstracted figures. In keeping with the Chinese folk tradition the proverb “A fat man is a happy man” is the source of this investigation while holding its own commentary on consumption in western (specifically in American) society. This gives a nod to cultural relativism and the diversity of meanings a single sculpture can have given the cultural context from which it is viewed. The fact that Lu’s work is so powerful across the spectrum of cultures speaks to his masterly skill as an artist and thinker.

Liu Pinchang Figure.jpg