Zhou Wu: Intentional Separation from Refinement

When one is immersed from birth in any given tradition it becomes natural for that person to view the world through that lens. This holds true for Zhou Wu in his ceramic art. Native to Zhejiang, deep in the heart of China’s Longquan celadon region, this strong influence can be clearly seen in Zhou’s work with its pottery forms and perfect celadon glazes. However there is a difference worthy of note, the surfaces of his precise forms have been textured with a variety of scraping motions to hold the viewer’s gaze in the pools of glaze they capture. This intentional inclusion of such a gestural form of decoration on such a precisely thrown form captures both a love of tradition and a sense of self-assured contemporary expression. The quietness of the calm form and glaze are activated by the touch of the artist and come alive as individual objects worthy of thought rather than simply yet another blue-green bowl.