A Countenance of Stone

Incorporating geomorphic and figurative elements into a single sculptural piece the hidden imagery is not readily apparent except when viewed from a select number of angles. Focusing on the form itself, it appears solidly connected to the earth both in construction and implied visual weight. As our gaze rises from the subdued earth tones of the sturdy lower register the form is activated by a pass-through and vigorously sculptural tailing edge which captures the implied erosive forces which lead to the supposed creation of the piece as if it were found in a natural context. The upper register or “crown” of the piece is highly gestural in its undulating, wave-like line which has been accentuated by the richly textural surface allowing the applied glazes to break, pool, and eventually overflow the form cascading down the walls of the piece shrouding the clay body in an earthy veil. The green-brown of the glaze references the mosses and lichen of the artist’s Florida home while the form as well could be found sculpted by the waves of the all too distant ocean. The negative space surrounding the piece becomes more powerful still when the artist’s own profile is seen in relief as a silhouette in the protrusions of the tailing edge of this stone-like piece. One may imagine the set jaw and furrowed brow of an artist meditating upon his work in the creation of this piece.