Light, Sweet, Crude

Playing upon the imagery with which we are so often confronted while consuming media this impressive piece pokes a sharp finger in the side of allure and addiction with an imagined alcoholic product branded as “Light, Sweet, Crude”. Appealing to what is in fact a logical fallacy, these images hope to establish a “correlation proving causation” in that these models are attractive and seem happy while also (supposedly) consuming the beverage “Light, Sweet, Crude”. The imagery of the label and indeed the name itself speaks to the oil industry and our overwhelming need for it. Sharing names with the highest grade of crude oil, the advertisements are geared towards men of varying class and demonstrate the versatility of appeal for this product. At the bottom of each image is a warning against the addictive qualities of the product as if this erases all responsibility for the producer putting the burden upon the consumer to exercise self-control. A broad critique of alcoholism and oil dependence this piece keeps the message ‘light and sweet’ while carrying such a powerful commentary on what is indeed a ‘crude’ subject.