Stability & Fragility

           Mixing dynamic line and apparently random crystal ‘growth’ with the stability, regularity, and predictability of the construction brick the piece is a pleasing juxtaposition of the macro-crystalline structure of the quartzite against the micro-crystalline presence known to be in the very fiber of the brick clay. The talisman focal point created by the pyrite alludes to the brick as well in that the brick clay, stained red from iron, shares the same element with pyrite which is composed of iron sulfide crystals. The translucence of the quartz crystals contrasts with the opaque brick yet we are still able to see through the brick via engineered holes allowing the mind to wander and ponder the various crevasses in this assemblage. How in our own lives may we be intentionally ugly and opaque yet still, those with eyes to see may see straight through us? How much better would it be to be a translucent crystal; would the fragility be worth the beauty?